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With a friendly "Glückauf", we would like to introduce ourselves. We, that is the members of the working group pit railway, in the association of the Zittauer Schmalspurbahnen e.V. In the spring of the year 1999, exactly on 24.04. at 0 o'clock the Tgb. Olbersdorf or rather the Restloch Olbersdorf was dismissed from the mountain supervision. The 2nd Saxon State Garden Show was held from 7.05.1999 to 17.10.1999 in Zittau Olbersdorf under the motto "Landscape after mining". In December 1999 Former miners from the Tgb. Olbersdorf founded (at the beginning two) the working group (AG) "Mining Railway El 3". Interest in mining and its technical equipment such as Excavator, spreader and workshop as well as the history of mining in our region is crucial for our AG. We want the negative image that lignite mining had something to brighten up. The AG wants to remember what was in front of the new landscape and from which the electricity is produced from the socket. The goal of the AG is that over nearly three Century old lignite mining tradition in the region around Zittau with their last technical monuments for the posterity to receive, eventful as well as documentary record. In addition, members want to keep these exhibits alive in their originality and functionality. Because the Mining in our region had given many people over the last three centuries, work, wages and bread.

The exhibits presented by the working group to the public are presented in more detail on this website. The career of last place of use over the transport to our exhibition area up to the processing. Celebrations, work assignments, Open Monument Day and, of course, the Day of the miner, should be presented in picture and word. I would like to say a few things about the members. As stated above, we are all former miners from the Region and home connected (as of November 2005, 15 members). From stoker, locksmith, dispatcher, excavator driver, engine driver, mining engineer up to last mine manager is all represented. As you can see, we are from the most varied areas of Tgb. Olbersdorf. The fun of the thing, the mining profession, connects us and the will to do something for posterity, tourism in the region.

Some exponates of the AG Grubenbahn 2009
Some exponates of the AG Grubenbahn 2009

As already mentioned, we were in December 1999, two "crazy miners" with lots of ideas and no money. But the will and the faith can move mountains. It took a while before one or the other was convinced of the idea. But when the track construction for the Elok was completed and the Elok 4-98 to Day of the monument 2000 in the new color dress shone, it went right up. By now we were five members. As the Abraumwagen with the workshop car a year later stood on our exhibition space, all doubts were eliminated. In addition, in May 2001, our diesel locomotive arrived back in Olbersdorf. It was originally the Placement of our SKL 25 planned, but this was completely destroyed at its location in Ehrenberg. In the fall of 2001, two other former miners joined us. With the Electrification of the Elokgleises and the construction of the gallery mouth hole, with the associated track systems and the train unit El 9, we were in December 2002 already nine Members. At the annual general meeting on 02.04.2005 it was decided to rename the group AG AG Grubenbahn. Our work assignments are unfortunately very weather dependent, that's why we can not plan any fixed stakes on the year. One thing is to be mentioned and these are the donors who made this project in the form of Work assignments, donations in kind (excavator, crane, paint, etc.) and of course with money support. With a heartfelt "Glückauf" we want to say thank you.

We have a lot of plans and as you know, this also costs a lot of money. Since we are a working group in the association of the Zittauer Schmalspurbahnen e.V., our AG asks for financial support in the form of donations, which of course are tax deductible. We also need your address and if you like Your name comes to our donation board in the exhibition area.

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