El 9

El 9 im  2006

All exhibits presented so far have been found in the overburden and up to the coal on the open pit for the 900mm track. Now we want Illuminate the underground mining in lignite mining something. The stollen removal in typical German door frame construction is for generations, like in the Picture shown, created. With the Stollenmundloch we can represent the promotion on tracks with 500mm and 600mm gauge vividly. These but also served for the start-up of drainage routes in open-pit mining and that until the end of the 90s throughout the Lausitz and Oberlausitz. In the Tgb Olbersdorf was such a shaft and Stollenmundloch with 600mm track and Hunten also to be found. The issued El 9 was in the opencast mine Spreetal NO, shaft 10 used. On April 30, 2002 El 9 Nr. I could be transferred from Elsterheide to Olbersdorf with two hunts.
Year of manufacture1964
ManufactureLEW Henningsdorf, Fabriknr. 10231
Weightca. 4 t
Voltage72 V
Length2,70 m
Height1,26 m
Width0,83 m
Vmaxca. 6 km/h
Engine2 x 4,5 kW