Akkulok B 360

The locomotive in its original state in Hermsdorf

The locomotive in its original state in Olbersdorf

The locomotive in 2006
After we had finished the track construction of the gauges 500mm and 600mm (sketch other side) the desire grew, a Akkulok with 600mm gauge and a To acquire personal lore. On the 7.5.2004 the Akkulok B 360, No. 4 was handed over to us by the company Geomin in Hermsdorf. This battery was built around 1990 by the SDAG bismuth to the lime mine in Hermsdorf ready to go and operational, delivered. In Hermsdorf this Akkulok was parked the last 10 years. For the 5th day of the miner 2004 of our working group, this Akkulok was breathed new life. The Akkulok B 360 is a further development of the type Metallist. The construction of the passenger lorry was made possible by the acquisition of a undercarriage 600mm track, by the company Kirschner Bauhandwerk in Zittau. The Construction of the superstructure was carried out in the summer of 2004 by the club members. Our exhibition space is covered by the Akkulok B 360 No.4 and this person lore (self-made) completes. The pedestal can be admitted for 4 adults.
OwnerIV Zittauer Schmalspurbahnen e. V.
Year of manufacture1959
ManufactureSDAG Wismut/Aue, Fabriknr. 4086
Weight2,9 t
Voltage78 V / Batterie 280 Ah
Length2,22 m
Height1,40 m
Width0,80 m
Vmaxca. 6 km/h
Engine2 x 2,1 kW