The Sroda railway in Poland

The Polish railway friends of the association Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Kolejki Średzkiej "Bana" (friends of the Schrodaer circular track) had on 20. October 2012 to a special photo train between Środa Miasto (Schroda City) and Zaniemyśl (Santomischel). This approximately 14 kilometers long stretch of track is the remainder of the once-up to 113 km long network of the Schrodaer Kreisbahn, which the agricultural region southeast of Poznań he concluded. While the first sections of track in 1902 and the Track to Zaniemyśl in 1910 in 1000 mm gauge were opened took place around 1952 the complete conversion to 750 mm gauge. Train locomotive Px48 1756 formed with its train a harmonious Polish Railway motif from the 1960s / 1970s and the magnificent, autumnal sunshine did the rest well organized event at.